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    Ragi Powder

    30.00 Incl. of GST
  • Benefits:
    • Aswini Sharbati atta is premium quality of Sharbati atta that is prepared using the top-quality grains sourced from the fields of central India
    • Perfect balance of taste and nutrition
    • Provides roti's those remain soft for a longer time
    • Contains more protein content than the normal wheat
  • Dia Atta

    From: 52.00
    • It is an exclusive preparation made by mixing different cereals which are rich in protein, minerals, calcium and contains low fat
    • Aswini diabetic atta for its unique ingredients is able to slow down the rate of conversion of food into glucose, hence the supply of glucose to body is maintained for a much longer time, thus keeping a diabetic more energetic and also reveals from frequent hunger
    • Ingredients like methi is also proven to control the blood sugar levels
    • Rich & high fiber content in Aswini diabetic atta helps in revealing from constipation
    • Aswini diabetic atta contains more calcium more iron and more dietary fiber than white rice
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