• Adhuna Amla Shampoo

    From: 40.00
    • Complete herbal preparation
    • Key ingredients is Amla which is the richest source of vitamin C
    • Helps in hair growth and reduces hair loss
    • Cleans away the dandruff
    • Reduces scalp infection
    • Prevents premature greying of hair
  • Benefits:
    • Aswini hibiscus shampoo is a complete herbal preparation
    • As hibiscus is its key ingredient, hibiscus helps to revitalize your hair
    • Hibiscus shampoo cleans the hair and also gives a natural sheen to hair
    • Hibiscus is considered as the best natural conditioner for hair in Ayurveda
    • Aloe Vera juice in it also acts as a natural conditioner to hair
  • Benefits:
    • For the first time the shampoo and conditioner is separated to ensure that the conditioners properties does not mask the efficiency of the shampoo
    • The oil based conditioner makes the dirt and dandruff stickier and thus reduces the cleaning capacity of the shampoo. As Aswini Reetha Shampoo is free from conditioner and any harmful chemicals is gives complete cleaning to hair and the Aswini Rinse-off hair conditioner removes the dryness caused due to Reetha shampoo to give the perfect styling of the hair. Thus Aswini Reetha raw shampoo and Aswini Rinse-off hair conditioner works as a complete package in protecting & styling hair
    • Aswini Reetha raw shampoo cures and prevents dandruff from hair by removing dirt and oil from scalp and hair roots.
    • Reetha also strengthens the hair roots
    • The dryness caused to the hair due to Reetha shampoo is taken care by Aswini Rinse-off
    • Hair conditioner as it makes hair smooth
    • Aswini Rinse-off hair conditioner gives extra shine and luster to the hair
    • Aswini Rinse-off hair conditioner makes hair soft & bouncy
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